This channel is dedicated to the crazy pursuit of slimy fish of all kinds. From Monster Tuna, Giant Largemouth Bass, Huge Snook and all types of wild fishing adventures and fishing tips. Each week we will post a video showcasing the Scott Martin Challenge Episodes, Scott Martin Web-Series videos and tons of hi-quality fishing tips. Hopefully this channel will help you catch more fish and learn new techniques along the way. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Chris Mays

    Scott love you brother get some!!!!!!

  2. ThtGuy212

    Scott Martin love ya man keep up the good work pal

  3. vidsoutmike

    I love my Livescope too. You remind me so much of your Dad in his younger days.

  4. PhantomMenace76

    Can I have some of that Main Martin blood

  5. RAFBassin

    #1 lure has to be a bandito bug. Always works! 👍

  6. Tim

    Favorite chip that's a tough one. I'm gonna go with funyuns. They don't have a good shelf life after you open tho you better smash'em that day or else no good and stale.

  7. DJ Stander

    I was laughing the entire time! Would love to fish with the two of you, hilarious.

  8. C Dots bot

    Where can I find the same bait caster Scott uses ?

  9. Kodi Bater

    Hey scott i enjoy the awesome videos yall make. Would enjoy rippin some lips with ya some day. Take me out sometime

  10. David Rogers

    Awesome video and Matt is a great guy he took the playful joking like I true man

  11. Thomas E Chavis

    I was thinking you had to have the life vest on in the boat running

  12. Carson Zurmehly

    Happy Birthday!!

  13. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

    good luck on sabine river this week scott

  14. Fifties kid Bob Mckinstry

    They wont learn on one day.

  15. Fifties kid Bob Mckinstry

    Dont forget where u come from.

  16. Fifties kid Bob Mckinstry


  17. Thomas E Chavis

    I'm happy you got all great job

  18. Heath Fitzgerald

    Happy late birthday Amelia

  19. Matt Cariglio

    yor gettting dialed in...lmao .

  20. FLEET OG

    Next time you go fishing can I go

  21. Dylan’s Outdoors


  22. Christopher Donahue


  23. Christopher Donahue

    Great video! The young kids learning the ropes was the best part. You should do an interview with your dad about fishing. That would be awesome. Happy Birthday to Emila! What was your number one rod?

  24. Brian Zantop

    Hey Scott some fish do actually drink water. Although bass do not. The chloride cells in their gills absorb the water to the salt inside the fish. Saltwater fish are the opposite. The chloride cells in them filters the saltwater before entering a saltwater fishes bloodstream 😁. The more you know😂😂

  25. Brian Zantop

    Scott said he's now caught 2 bass....that weigh 8 ounces total 😂😂😂

  26. Brian Zantop

    Daaang this would be so fun!! Scott you have so much energy dude. GOD bless you men! This is good stuff!!

  27. Brian Zantop

    Buncha good dudes. This is just another reason why I love fishing. Great people!!!

  28. AlwaysApproved

    had to beg the guy to get the net on day 2.. jeesh. buddy if your pole goes in the water scott will getcha new one bud

  29. Grey Ghost

    What a deal...those kids just hangin with dad in a $100,000 bass boat hahahahhaahah

  30. Stephen latimer

    Matt the new Bucees drive through attendant. cheers from australia.

  31. Tyler Robinson

    Is this game better than Rapala fishing?

  32. Michael Chingman

    That was the most I laughed in months

  33. Bass Raider

    Happy Birthday Amelia

  34. Hunter Hodges

    Hey hEY I wanna be a rockstARR!! LMAOOOOO Billy is the best!!

  35. 78freewheeler

    Don’t know if it’s been answered but 2 years ago I think it was, we saw around 240,000 CFS I believe. That was the year we re set the record for water level. You couldn’t get under little bear creek bridge on hwy 72 if that gives you any reference

  36. OzarkBassinTV

    I am 7 minutes into this video and Matt has two quarter ponders (no cheese) i mean we better get some free fries with this meal cause that is not what i ordered Matt. no wonder Mcdonalds turned you down! 😂 jk dope video so far. 👍

    1. Scott Martin


  37. Rogbass

    Ok. Someone has to say it. The fun is over. The best you can be has to shine. This quest has to be completed. Yep you have reached the pinnacle in your sport. No doubt. Helped untold number of anglers be better. Increased the cash flow for fellow competitors as you share your knowledge with those deserving. It’s different now. This is about the solidification of a bass fishing families legacy. Yes you have pressure and people coming at yea from all angles to wrap themselves up in the Martin Movement. As a lifelong fan and fellow salt water guide I know what your capable of. The fun is over. YOU HAVE UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

  38. Roguex Infid3l

    This is Great Contwnt🤣🏴‍☠️

  39. Dalton Vannatta

    Happy birthday emelia

  40. Logan Cline

    Hey man I love how consistent you are being in the elite series. Happy for you man, if you can go put up 13 1/2 to 14 pounds tomorrow I believe you will make the top 10!!

  41. Matthew Brummett

    I heard Arey applied for a job at Captain D’s but was turned down because they thought he didn’t know how to handle fish and believed he’d hold up the line... :)

  42. Larry Warfield

    That little one you could use it for bait to catch giant grupper

  43. Michael Melosky

    Hilary got a wagon

  44. Deltadawg660

    Mr. Scott - do you do all of this video editing yourself? If so - you should hang up fishing because you are missing your calling....LOL The storyline and progression of the videos are superb. Kind Regards

  45. timothy berry

    The story about a spinner bait made me think about me and my 1st whopper plopper I found it in a tree on my kayak tied it on and caught my biggest bass of the year

  46. James Mims

    Scott I’m going to weigh in on sat afternoon. I want a pic with you. Congratulations on top 50/49. You the man in 25 on Sabine can’t wait to meet you.

  47. Alfredo Torres

    I’m really upset nobody said “hey if you catch those at the Sabine you’ll win!”

  48. Travis Craver

    Just like a pitcher pitching a bad inning you don't take him out you let him pitch threw it and it straight it self out

  49. Travis Craver

    Trick worm

  50. Travis Craver

    You should of went and found the smallest trophy and gave it to him

  51. Kayak Angler

    too funny

  52. joe sharp

    Why wasn’t billy a boater

  53. Jeff Sling luff

    This video had me laughing so hard

  54. Jorge Coronel

    Bandito bug

  55. joe sharp

    Baklava is dessert balaclava is what u have on

  56. Bassasasser10

    Good jobs Scott it's okay buddy you'll get it next time you're my favorite pro bass fisher for sure

  57. russ tibbs

    Love your content. I live right close to Lay Lake. Awesome river / lake

  58. Sports Kids Challenges

    How are you so good at fishing

  59. recneps

    Hey Scott are you going to be in NC tournaments next week?? I live directly between Jordan and Shearon Harris like 5 or 10 minutes from both.

  60. Cooper Dunn

    Flat out best thumbnail ever.

  61. Todd S.

    Straight up a hilarious video. Best laughs I've had all day!

  62. Steve Hogan

    Yep, love you fishing the monument and trees to begin 3. Beautiful sunrise. Great to see you come out smiling. Thanks Scott for being a fine example of what it's like to be a top notch sportsman. I did enjoy your vid, this whole series was good. Thanks.

  63. Todd S.

    Whenever I watch a Scott Martin video, as well as Roland and Hillary, I feel like I'm watching generations of family friends. And I'm entertained but most of all I learn so much more about my Florida fishing, and how Scott adapts to wherever he goes. Hence the Elite Series. And that privilege was earned Sir!

  64. Steve Hogan

    Hey thank you Scott. Stuck at home waiting to go to a wedding..meh,. Fished yesterday in kayak, down by Marco. . Sounds like you didn't win but still lookinf forward to watching this. Good work scott. Pro Fishing and YouTub too boot .... not even gonna mention the rest.

  65. Chace Crompton

    Chatter bait alllllllll day

  66. Brian Villalobos

    Let’s go team MARTIN!!! You got this Scott pray focus and believe!

  67. Kevin Moore

    "I never seen one that small".lol. Reminds me of something an old girlfriend said to me.Once.notice I said Once.

  68. John Wolff

    So funny.

  69. Life with Juju

    Where is James

  70. Shane Gray

    4:32 drop a condom??? 😂

  71. Steve Hogan

    Evidently Biggens are a fish that looks much like a Black Bass but vairies in size form 1#+ to 4 lbs.

  72. Steve Hogan

    Good thinking on the 3rd 1st. Day. Right there in the trees with the bridge and the Statue in the shot.

  73. NextStepFishing

    Drop shot number 1

  74. Greg Smith

    Happy birthday Amelia

  75. Greg Smith

    Middles worth bbq only found in pa

  76. William Muter

    Matt's a good sport for sure. Love watching these videos. I look forward to seeing that notification from KGup.

  77. Milton Albright

    Hay Scott this Milton Albright l love your show many times enjoyed you both. I am GM retiree and Air Force Vietnam vet. I have been bass fishing since 1960. I have a lot of old bass lures your dad knows. Keep up the good work good work .god bless milt

  78. Nelson Callon

    Happy Birthday Amelia! Hope I spelled it right.

  79. Nelson Callon

    You guys are awesome! You make us laugh at Matt’s expense! We’re not laughing at you Matt, we’re laughing with you! 🤥

  80. Drew Taylor

    He reminds me of me when I was his age love to see it man I know he will cherish that day at the ramp for the rest of his life