This channel is dedicated to the crazy pursuit of slimy fish of all kinds. From Monster Tuna, Giant Largemouth Bass, Huge Snook and all types of wild fishing adventures and fishing tips. Each week we will post a video showcasing the Scott Martin Challenge Episodes, Scott Martin Web-Series videos and tons of hi-quality fishing tips. Hopefully this channel will help you catch more fish and learn new techniques along the way. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Patrick Lile

    Can I fishing with you

  2. Levi T

    Hay Scott! I was down with my dad and brother down at your marina in Clewiston and fished a couple of days! Definitely the best days of my life, even though the fishing was kind of slow. We’re looking to head back next year, what is your absolute favorite weekend to fish there? When should we plan our trip?

  3. alex korn

    By law people can't refuse you to park in there dock during a storm. At least in missouri

  4. Devin Clark

    Not picking but do you realise you walk on the outside of your feet

  5. slab busterRTR

    White and blue 4 to 6 ft diving crankbait is good on neely to hey dont be catching my crappie on neely y'all can have them bass 😆

  6. On.the.water_37

    What kind of mount is that for your tablet? Holds pretty good even when you're flying!

  7. Martin Boyd

    Love the vids man! Keep up the great work!

  8. Seekintherush

    kinda sounded forced to say all of this didn't truly sound like Scott

  9. Seekintherush

    so did he get dropped by ranger or left ranger?

  10. Chris Rogers

    Seems like a good way for some fisherman to cheat by not keeping the fish to weigh them

  11. Cory White

    Scott what app is that your using on your iPad ?

  12. Aaron Carr

    My favorite PRO, All seriousness though. Extreme pressure and panoptix from everyone pretty much now, local anglers keeping bass and tournament anglers constantly beating up these fish. What's professional fishing going to be like in 2 years or 5 years. The way everything is going now, these lakes will be devastated. Any helpful positive response would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Mike Poteete

    I can't wait to see the tourney video. I normally can't watch them live but I look forward to these recaps.

  14. Anthony Orr

    We as viewers have been truly blessed. Watching your dad, you, and now your children carry on the fishing tradition has been just awesome.

  15. Lane Flesher

    Let’s go Matt arey. I kinda cheated and watched this one live.

  16. RedNeck Life

    Bro I hate knowing the results of tournament before we get the uploads! Crazy condition's

  17. Ethen kirby

    like the ou sticker

  18. BH Fishin

    Yes LFG is a big fan of them

  19. Devin Clark

    When did bass go to a catch and release formar

  20. Sam F


    1. Scott Martin


  21. Bill Mazurek

    Dude I was having withdrawals I need more, more. This is like the only thing I watch these days!!

  22. slab busterRTR

    Yall on a crappie lake was the first problem 😆

  23. Celestial Explorer

    Thank you for spilling the beans bro

  24. Blake Ripley

    What was the deal that you changed from ranger to skeeter

  25. Don OBoyle

    Heading to Stick Marsh for the first time at full moon May! Fishing black frogs, whopper Plopper and Chatterbaits in black/blue and green pumpkin with your recommended Lake Fork trailers:) If I win please award my baits to a youngster who wants to but can’t afford fishing:) Txs for all your help!

  26. stevie Flax

    On Travis, the old jitterbug is hard to beat, 2 seconds fast retrieve then pause 7 seconds, give bass time to zero in , then fast to boat. If they miss it, slow it down a tad. A tip for bigger bass on Travis is use the wind to slowly drift to your spot or if you motor in , WAIT six minutes or so, keeping extremely QUIET, then lob out a berkley monster worm let it hit bottom and twitch it on in nice and slow. Sometimes you'll feel them suck it in, other times they will just pull it and go. The secret is either way is, open the bail and feed them line, get your rod in hook setting position, flip the bail closed, no slack and then set it hard and fast. It's the only method I found, that gets me into that eight and over pound range. I spend more time these days fishing for yellow cat, because they taste so darn good.

  27. Randa and Tim Seargeant

    Scott I think your thinking to much about it. Just do your thing and keep fishing! Its going to come and when it does its gonna be huge. As long as you have this channel we are all gonna keep watching and learning something new everytime we watch.

  28. Backpacker365

    Can you imagine looking out your window because someone pulled into your boat house and to realize it's none other then Scott Martin... how cool would that be.

  29. Braedon Noll

    “I don’t set the hook often, but when I do BOOM!” 😂

  30. Cody Rider

    Unrelated to this video. But like you can tell Siri what groceries you need, their needs to be something you can accurately track your catches in real time with gps tracking so you can say “3 bass 12lbs on a white swim bait” and it will pinpoint the location, time, and date so that over time you will build data to help in tournaments in future yrs. It would be a great tool for practice also. Something like this may already exist. But considering Scott Martin isn’t using it, if it exists it needs drastically improved. If not, I’m gonna contact Garmin! Great videos Scott!

  31. Fishin with Austin

    Sheeeeesh 🔥vid no cap 🚫🧢 🐐

  32. Shane Lucas

    what is the difference between a white bass and a white perch

  33. Jason Sullivan

    Woohoo love everything you do Scott Martin you truly are a legend

  34. Tyler

    Really confused what he did at the 37:20 mark? Did he cap the hook and continue fishing with it?

    1. Tyler

      @Scott Martin Right on! Thanks for clearing that up for me and good luck in the rest of the season.

    2. Scott Martin

      Yes, it’s for practice purposes. Don’t want to beat up the fish too bad to the point where I can’t catch them in tournament days. I can still feel the bite and go back to the spot during the tournament and catch the fish

  35. fish doctor

    I've noticed in this video, as well as others, there are no competitor boats in the back ground during practice. Looks as if you are the only boat on the water. I'm guessing they are all edited out?

  36. skar4life 44

    Wanted to let you know Scott you are my favorite fisherman and your videos are the best. Also your daughter is doing very good she will be great to carry on the legendary Martin name in fishing.

  37. Namath 802

    Life in general is all about PERSEVERANCE and you, man are pushing thru after some "curve balls" in general compared to a couple years ago when i saw you and your sidekicks at weigh in in Plattsburgh. The measure of a man, like they say. Much respect Sir

  38. Zack Hogg

    Gherkin pickles xD

  39. Jeremy Lyson

    Man that bag at the end was exciting!!!!

  40. Jeremy Lyson

    Love the video's! Day 1,2, and 3. Enjoyed watching it.

  41. josh weaver

    Odenburg, saintclairecounny💀💀

    1. josh weaver

      @Scott Martin day=made 🔥

    2. Scott Martin


  42. fish doctor

    White bass taste so much better after you have had covid 19 or you have no idea what the taste difference is between bream, crappie, bass, catfish and barfish.

  43. Brian Lane

    That all white Googan Grass Hero (swim jig) has become one of my all-time favorite lures. I fish Rayburn pretty regularly and it never fails to put fish in the boat.

  44. fish doctor

    That rip rap looks like where Paul Mueller caught his 6 plus bass on day 4.

  45. Cherokee Boggs

    GOOD luck Scott. ✋🎣🎣

  46. Steve Carrero


  47. Scott Calder

    Scott the Pros series 7’3 rod you talked about for spinner bait and swim jig. Was it a heavy or med heavy? Thanks

  48. Tyler Mims

    the fact that the title say no cap lol

  49. mike shields

    main reason I now watch BASS is to see where you are in the standings. keep the video's coming, tight lines Scott.

    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks Mike

  50. electric guitar69

    Love your vids!!!

  51. Ty Moses

    What is Canterburys stage song ? Keep ripping lip love the content and following your journey.

  52. xXgoogansquadXx

    each time i watch his video he almost sells me on a mtb no cap

    1. Scott Martin

      Go buy order one no cap

  53. Coleman lantrip

    Good luck Scott we’re all rooting for you 👋

  54. Coleman lantrip

    Hey Scott I’m a big fan Been watching for a while now keep up the good work god bless

  55. DeRiddler

    Are there door son the top of this for accessing the drawers without extending them out? I want to be able to get to everything with my travel trailer hitched up.

  56. Matt LaClear

    Where's Brandon?

    1. Matt LaClear

      @Scott Martin new content is 10x better. Sorry Brandon. Keep rocking Mr. Martin!

    2. Scott Martin

      Brandon has been gone for over a year now. Macoy and Dylan are now my editors!

  57. Adam A

    Agreed on Spotted Bass being the prettiest. They’re also the most underrated. They pull so hard and a lot of fishermen in the north aren’t even aware of them

  58. Charlie White

    Been thinking about getting a livescope. My question is how are you able to stop your boat on windy days like you are fishing and adjust the trolling motor for the livescope view? Power poles?

  59. CGreat Things

    White bass are fantastic to eat. Super mild flavor and a lot meatier than a crappie. Fish taco fish for sure

  60. Jacob Collins

    Who needs Jim Cantori when you have a Scott Weatherberry🤣


    What happened to his garbage Okumas he used to to fish with 🤣

  62. M Jones

    You have to remember on the Coosa chain that they're not going to let Gadsden, or Columbiana flood so they suck them down in heavy rain. They will use Logan Martin as the flood lake . They pull out of neely and keep it in Logan

  63. M Jones

    That bank with the American flag sign is a super good bank in the post spawn. Won a couple of derbies out of that pocket

  64. M Jones

    This spring has been super weird and tough in the southeast. You can pull up on one spot on neely Henry and win a tournament but it's really hard to find.

  65. Jeff Poston

    Where and hell is Billy!!

  66. Mark Kozelka

    Another great video!!! TEAM SMC ALL THE WAY!!!!

  67. niles wood

    Scott Martin, Thank you so much for all your videos. I truly appreciate your content and the effort the entire SMC team puts in.

    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you sooo much!! Everyone really has been busting the butts for these does take a lot to pull off.

  68. Dkin Fishing

    I can’t even picture Scott saying no cap 😂

    1. Scott Martin


  69. Kevin Wells

    Luv you guys Scott Martin team. I'll tune in when I can, or when I get notices your fishing. I miss it so much. Good luck guys & girls (your daughter... and yeah, your son too).

  70. gary nordby

    Hope you make it to Michigan this season

  71. Tally Beaverman

    "Any Port in a Storm"

  72. Wallace West

    Scott this video was BUSSIN🥱😤

    1. Scott Martin


  73. Caleb Burrell

    Literally taking off part of the weekend to meet you at Guntersville!! Super excited! Great video as always and hopefully you'll get that trophy at Guntersville 💪

  74. The Good Chad

    I just want to thank you for using 24 FPS on the final edit. I hate 60fps video.

    1. Scott Martin

      24 looks so much better

  75. PWNMOB mafia


  76. Uri Orlov

    White Bass eat well fresh. Like stripers and hybrids, they’ve got a thin layer of red meat that needs fileted off. Use an electric knife. They’ve got a big rib cage.

  77. Scotty Cunningham

    No cap scott Martin is the goat

  78. Randy Moss

    Flooded creeks might been good, move fish up looking in creeks for more food, I do really good catching walleye and small mouth like that, creeks full of small bait fish and crawfish like a buffet.

  79. Caleb Collier

    Good luck Scott to all yall. Snag them lips

  80. Billy Noles

    Wait now im the Joe Scott is the pro but Monster Bass is the best box if im wrong anyone please prove it....