This channel is dedicated to the crazy pursuit of slimy fish of all kinds. From Monster Tuna, Giant Largemouth Bass, Huge Snook and all types of wild fishing adventures and fishing tips. Each week we will post a video showcasing the Scott Martin Challenge Episodes, Scott Martin Web-Series videos and tons of hi-quality fishing tips. Hopefully this channel will help you catch more fish and learn new techniques along the way. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Preston Mire

    Scott you have the best show ever y’all are awesome I hope you win the champion bass masters

  2. Phoenix Spiller

    Ledges and secondary points, if you find some jerk baits and fishing slow are one way to catch them in these colder temps

  3. CGreat Things

    Ten minutes in and I just realized this thing is an HOUR long! Better buckle up I guess. So stoked!!

  4. CGreat Things

    Digging the music!!! Fantastic content bro.

  5. Jack Murphy

    Teleco village is so nice😭 I just toured Tennessee and I love it and love your vids

  6. Brayden Walker

    Bring the good luck beard back.

  7. Trapper Die Trav

    I like this one keep up the good work guys

  8. Bass Raider

    Get it!!!

  9. Caleb Herbert

    what a cool beautiful intro its cool for me to say ive got to watch three generation Martins

  10. Tristen Pylican

    your gonna slay em this year! can't wait to watch all the tourneys!!!

  11. John Fleming

    Best of luck to you in the tournament, Scott. I’m really look forward to seeing how it goes.

  12. Phillip Cdr

    No jirkbaite??

  13. Bass & Bullets

    Did he fish the St John's event?

  14. LeBronZane 22

    The videos just keep getting better and better

  15. Jolly Giant

    Don't judge my home waters by the amount of fish you caught, come back in April and slay some Giants. It was just too early. Like Big O in December after a cold front. Hard...

  16. { Lvllaßy }

    Lmao I actually slapped my own knee all by myself that hot sauce prank on Matt cracked me up I ain’t laughed so hard in a while


    20 TO 30 FT. OFF WATER IN CLOOLD WATER TEMP . CHANILES HOLES DEEP POINTS . IF the wind is blowing fish the up side off the chanilEs and holes WIND TO YOU BACK .

  18. Chris

    What brand of baitcasters reels do you use? Amazing video!

  19. Josh Siepert

    Ice fishing can make you a better angler in all aspects of fishing I would recommend you give it a shot sometime Scott. There is even a USA ice fishing team. I fish the NAIFC tournament circuit and some of the best fisherman in the world fish it. Fishing alongside these guys have made me a better angler on the hard water and soft.

  20. Name Of

    I followed the first two elite events and noticed the winner pretty much found a great spot on the fishery. Scott do you think it's worth doing a video breaking down why so many quality fish were caught in the areas that the winners fished. Seems like something worth looking into. good luck everyone

  21. nick jensen

    They love craws in those areas. Hoping you accomplish your goals for sure though. Good luck.

  22. Christopher Falin

    Awesome content man love seeing your break down of tough fishing. Fishing has been tough in East Tennessee all winter. Best of luck and keep grinding.

  23. Danny Cal

    I am beyond hyped for the future of SMC in BASS

  24. Fishing MW

    That intro makes the whole video. Good luck Sir. You have worked hard to continue your dad's legacy. I remember watching your father and some of the other greats like Jimmy Houston, and Bill Dance. It's absolutely amazing to see a second generation fallowing in that footstep. I didn't have a dad that fished. He was a very hard worker but everything I learned about fishing came from my grandpa.

  25. Kyle Herrman

    My pb largemouth is 7.09 and my pb smallmouth bass is 5.13

  26. Just Livin With Adam & Amanda

    Awesome editing McCoy and team, great points go get um at Pickwick and good luck!

    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you!!

  27. DustinLaughs

    One of your best videos. Very well done! 👍🏻

    1. Scott Martin


  28. Daniel McKeen

    Hope you get the trophy for your dad Scott😁the good thing is if you don't you got the "reelhillarysue" as a back up😁😀.If she can't then you got Billy as an all else fails😁.

  29. Russell Snellings

    What costas are these your wearing?

  30. Relentless Pursuit of Bass

    Uh oh's KnoXville bud! @7:07

  31. Basically Berry

    Definitely liked the format of this practice video, really great explaining what you were thinking and why you are thinking or doing it!!

  32. Matt Orschell

    Love how you went through your thought process. Feel like I learned so much from this video. Thanks.

    1. Scott Martin

      So glad you liked it!!!

  33. BDmafia

    Hey Scott, if you don’t mind me asking. What reels do you mainly use?

    1. BDmafia

      @Scott Martin much appreciated sir! Looking to update my arsenal. And that reel of yours is sick! God bless Scott!

    2. Scott Martin

      Shimano metianum

  34. Rob Buchanan

    No apologies great video

  35. JVig77

    Haha...Scott’s and instigator. “You should put hot sauce on that”...”you should run in there and put a blanket over his head”....hilarious!

  36. Larry Barrett

    Vince Lombardi always coached "run to daylight"... run to clean water and fish deeper for smallmouth... or a 1/2 ounce Booyah spinnerbait on any wood in current...

  37. Rob Buchanan

    Have you thought of the ned rig for sluggish fish

  38. rickey hall

    good luck scott

  39. Tom Cieri Jr.

    Fish smart, best of luck...🤞🙏

  40. Jake Schisler

    So you made some money on that tournament

  41. Jacob Stickles

    One of my goals is to catch a stripper this year.

  42. Rangernation46

    Scott you got me motivated your motivation to get it done for you father is just so awesome and special praying for you this season brother god bless 💯

    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you!!

  43. Passionate Outdoors

    Awesome video McCoy has really stepped up the editing game idk but I think u could b neck to neck with spinner worm now good job dude loved it

    1. Scott Martin

      He will love to hear that!

  44. Rob Buchanan

    Or if you can get the chance go to local bars or fishing spots and send some one in to recon it.

  45. Jimmy Braswell

    Love hearing the thought process!

  46. Austin Andrew

    That intro was nuts dude!!!! Gave me Goosebumps!

  47. Rob Buchanan

    Pull up current patterns and project it on the wall. Map out your attack plan go ww2 8th air force pre mission briefing style

  48. Kevin Reynolds

    Taking KGup vids to another level!!! I’ve known Scott for 30 years and what you see is what you get! Stand up guy and class act in everything he does! I plan to be standing there when he hoists that Classic trophy!! Finish the unfinished!!!

    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks bro!! 👊🏼

  49. Cliff

    God Speed and Good Luck this yr Mr. Martin. God Bless from Texas

  50. Brandon Wicker

    If you ever get a chance, I’d like to see you do a video on how you set up your side scan to get the best returns. Good luck this season.

  51. Ethan Eveler

    Awesome video can't wait until the regular tournament I know you can win it good luck.

  52. Rob Buchanan

    Mr Martin I recently got a 7Ft 1in favorite white bird and paired it with a shimano bantam coriolis. Absolute fire just wanted to say thanks

  53. MuahMan

    Yo, editors. On the intro turns down the music in relation to Scott's voice a little, especially the bass, it's hard to understand what he's saying.

  54. Devin Peters

    What reels do you use

  55. Roastin' Toads

    Great video, Scott. Reminds me of my home lakes up here in Ohio.

  56. scott frew

    Go with the add in and play it safe at the beginning then move to the tournament winning area!

  57. BMK

    I don't know why I keep dropping comments....but it helps to have a true honest network of friends that u can rely on to tell the truth !! And share info with

  58. Willie brogdon

    I think you should fish 15 foot to 22 foot offshore brush piles!

  59. Cooper Hughes

    Scott, awesome man glad your with the elites good luck at pickwick!!

  60. Carlos Sanchez

    SM did you try deep cranking rock piles or jigging deep?

  61. Jim Snyder

    I’m here for the ride! Jumping on the Martin Train to the Classic. Good luck.

    1. Jim Snyder

      @Scott Martin punch my ticket!

    2. Scott Martin

      All aboard!

  62. BMK

    You know it's bad when your measuring fish during practice lol

    1. Scott Martin


  63. Nick Witkowski

    Great show Scott! Love the way you try and break down a body of water and I really appreciate your honesty and authenticity in your videos. Was nice to see a top 25 finish too! Good points and some money! Can't complain too much right?Great work! GO TEAM SMC! 👊BAM!👊

    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks Nick!!!

  64. Michael Cobb

    Keep the stories coming. Tell stories about falling in the lake

  65. Boostedassasins

    Starting the video when you’re diving to the lake. It says Knoville. Lol. The X is missing lol

    1. Scott Martin

      Need to send macoy to spelling school 🤭

  66. BMK

    Well....u know what everybody else is doin and have that in your back pocket ....u have a fast boat I'd say burn up the lake and find those unharrassed fish

  67. Michael Cobb

    Rough in Texas to. The only thing in my son's high school tournament almost ran into two boats that got about 30 yards away from my boat. Plus the lake itself is terrible

  68. The Knockout

    This is my favorite show on the tube

  69. Eric Romines

    Great video guys! Btw I was watching you from the bank in Poland creek on day 3. I didn’t say anything to you cause I didn’t wanna take away your focus on fishing. Great job this past weekend. Loudoun can be very tough as you guys saw! Hope to have y’all back for years to come. 👍

  70. Daryll Roberts

    Finish the Legacy. We all believe in you.... You are living legends

  71. Al’s Susquehanna Guide Service

    Awesome video

  72. Matt Esparza

    I think it’s spelled “Knoxville” lol

  73. TheJtaylor000

    Scott I hope you know that there are so many of us are pulling for you and praying for you to achieve this goal you have set. I don’t know about others. But the movie playing in my head if you winning the Classic with your whole family there to celebrate with you is awesome. Then the part of sharing the moment with you and you raising the trophy together gives me chills and a feeling I can’t explain THATS right in the center of my chest. You know what I’m talking about? Anyway. I just want to say one more thing. SON! GO GET IT!!

    1. TheJtaylor000

      It will happen when it’s your time.

    2. Scott Martin

      Thanks so much man. Hopefully I’ll get my shot at the classic soon.

  74. Smitty Boi

    A 55 minute Scott Martin KGup video!! Heeeeeeeellllllllll Yeeeaaaaah Booooooooooooy!!!

    1. Scott Martin


    2. Scott Martin


  75. BMK

    Knoxville...knoville lol close enough ! Stick um Scott

  76. 251 REELING

    great video Scott i enjoyed it and watched every second

    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks dude!👊🏼👊🏼

  77. ThrillerBassing LMB

    That intro literally gave me chills

    1. Tristen Pylican

      I was gonna comment the same thing!!!

    2. ThrillerBassing LMB

      @Scott Martin He sure did!!!

    3. Scott Martin

      Macoy did a really good job with it!

  78. Rogbass

    Now this is one bad a.. video. Extremely well done. I’m here for the entire ride to the Classic.

    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks man, glad you liked it!

  79. McDonald Ronald J

    We are all hoping that you win be hear to the end

    1. McDonald Ronald J

      Hop you are doing well

  80. Ken Piere

    I should have watched more of the video before I commented, you obviously did explore the smallmouth possibilities, just didn't locate them.