This channel is dedicated to the crazy pursuit of slimy fish of all kinds. From Monster Tuna, Giant Largemouth Bass, Huge Snook and all types of wild fishing adventures and fishing tips. Each week we will post a video showcasing the Scott Martin Challenge Episodes, Scott Martin Web-Series videos and tons of hi-quality fishing tips. Hopefully this channel will help you catch more fish and learn new techniques along the way. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Parker Ardes

    I own a vcr

  2. Darrell King

    I miss the spinner worm

  3. Ed Grabowski

    Awesome fishing day for that kid.

  4. Topwater Tony

    I plan on heading to headwater at the end of March, very excited 😆😆

  5. FishHooked

    Enjoyed that one! Good luck this year from FishHooked!

  6. Delta Parker

    Rip mark

  7. Ford Raven


  8. Wesley Threadgill

    Carl’s boxes are legit it’s not like the .99cent boxes at Walmart lol Scott I was watching a bass master classic in like 70 something it’s unbelievable how much you and your dad look alike but fish very similar. Prayers and blessings to you and your fam!

  9. Jeremy Ricci

    Scott, coming to FL in a few weeks. It has been a life-long dream to fish Okeechobee and I am wondering if you could recommend anyone to guide on the water for a day or two? Do you ever do any of that?

  10. Ford Raven


  11. Trent Smith

    8 inch lift, American force rims, fusion bumpers and leds in a roof rack

  12. capnrob97

    Weird watching this one year later and Evinrude is no more, Scott isn't with Ranger anymore. A lot of changes of the last year.

  13. SLEE The Rookie

    You have the biggest HEART and PASSION for the sport of bass fishing and I appreciate every video you put out for us viewers to see and how meaningful they are. The energy you put out goes a long ways for someone who is just starting bass fishing like me. Too much knowledge is never too much but to be better the next time I’m out on the water. Thanks

  14. Mike Murphy

    You go girl ! Love watching you and your Dad fishing. !

  15. Tyler Sterling

    Love the squeaky fist bumps from Brandon!!

  16. Micah Williams

    Bring trash talkn James back He’s to funny😂😂

  17. Mas Wandi

    Good morning

  18. Jacob Lewis

    talk about an ALLSTAR cast!! no pun intended.... 4 of my favorite anglers, hands down!

  19. Jacob Lewis

    "this random skeeter we borrowed... nothing to see here" hahaha

  20. Fishing with Dj

    Them some badass tubes, me and my wife have tore them up on them!

  21. BubbleNuts

    You need to try rlm elite box by simple fishing. I’ve got 2 walleye boxes so far and have been really impressed. They are every 2 months so they pack them with like 8 or 9 things

  22. JunkFishing101

    Good coaching!

  23. Hammerin_Hank_Outdoors

    I don't know why you are trying to say y'all we're catching those fish flipping with a Googan bandito bug. Easy to see that you got a creature bait and a burner craw. Don't have to lie about it.

  24. A-Rizky

    Good like

  25. Zack Grubb

    Scott = fishing legend

  26. Scott O,Donahoe

    Region specific boxes would be better for sales ! I live in Wisconsin and you send me a box for down south in January . Get your tech people on it !

  27. streetracing plug

    I'm prob pretty late on this, Solid selection on boat and motor companies Scott VERY SOLID!!!!

    1. streetracing plug

      Anytime!! Are you fishing the Bassmaster open in Va?

    2. Scott Martin

      Thanks bro

  28. Bryan Wasik

    Awesome fish Scott.

  29. Travis Craver

    Did y'all buy the game or just download it online. I hear BPS sells it but have not seen it. Love fishing games.

  30. Wes Archibald

    I love your channel! I would love to come down to Florida and visit you guys someday. It is a matter of fact if the genie would give me a just one wish that's what it would be is to come and spend one day with you and go fishing and just hang out that would be awesome! Watching you guys having fun fishing well let's just say I'm jonesing pretty good right now. You guys feel like family and that's kind of cool. Tight lines!

  31. Trevor Alexander

    How is the GoPro on the hoodie like that?

  32. INSTA austin_01 silverado

    Knew it was going to happen as soon as you put a Yamaha on the ranger. Love the skeeter

  33. Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture

    Excellent and innovative content!!!

    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you!!

  34. Neek

    makin it look easy!

  35. Sledgefist1

    Hey Scott. How come you and other fisherman like the Googlies(googans😂) never use snap locks for jerk bait and crank bait? It’s sooo easy to swap the baits. You don’t have to re-tie them all the time.

    1. Scott Martin

      I just have never used them..

  36. Sledgefist1

    Slapping a like already before the video even starts.

    1. Scott Martin

      Heck ya!

  37. David Morrow


    1. David Morrow

      We All Love it when you thank GOD!!!

    2. David Morrow


  38. FeraModus

    You can't use something not in the box to finish the challenge!?!!! Can only use what is in there, minus the rod, reel and line unless it is Made available 😉

  39. Troy Harper

    Great video Scott and Hillary 💯💯💯

    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks Troy!

  40. John Poulopoulos

    I see the double peg...recommended for flipping?

  41. Dkin Fishing

    Learned a ton in this video thanks Scotty

  42. TheBad Bassfisherman

    Will you be testing the googan squad rods?

  43. Patricia Guenzler

    Thanks for the video

  44. Juanito Vazquez

    Hey you going fishing today

  45. Topwater Tony

    Hillary is too quiet in this episode :-(

  46. Ross Greenwell

    This is the COOLEST father and daughter moment 🤘🤘🤘

  47. Kallen Cosper

    Cricket shad 😂

    1. Kallen Cosper

      @Scott Martin it has to be a new species or something lol

    2. Scott Martin

      Finally someone got

  48. Grason Bass

    Hey scoot I am grason bass from Daren love the vids

    1. Grason Bass

      Ben Watching for three years

  49. Luke Christopher

    Love the video learned a lot from you great mentor!

  50. Fishing with Fink

    Hey Scott, how’s it going man? Enjoyed the vid. Have a question about your go pro, how do you have that attached to your hoodie brother?

    1. Fishing with Fink

      @Evan Whitaker that’s interesting. I thought it might have been some new great thing that attaches to hoodies lol

    2. Evan Whitaker

      He just cuts a hole in his hoodies and sticks the go pro thru it

  51. Emily Miller

    Best fish story ever

  52. Robert Douglas

    Soak up the time with Hill as they grow up fast! You are blessed!

  53. M Frank

    Can’t wait to see Hillary on a pro bass circuit.

  54. John m

    Lots of good stuff in those them their boxes ! Hillary is a fishing machene hands down ! Scott has created a monster ! For real she just loves fishen ! ANYKIND !

  55. Fishing With Adam

    Hey Scott been watching you for a Couple of years now and i Really enjoy ur Videos im from South Africa and on Friday i have my first ever Tournament to get my Provincial Colors Wish me luck <3

  56. Bassand Furious

    Hey Scott pline cxx is by far one of my favorite lines to use, you get a huge spool for great price, it doesnt break ive thrown 10,12,15,17 lb and never lose fish due to my line but did you have any tips on the line twisting, sometimes it is a little more twisty than some other lines, but because it is really good with swimbaits and jigs i just deal with a few twist. thanks for your help.

    1. Scott Martin


  57. Richie _k_68

    Sorry I was at Anna Maria Island so I couldn’t watch the video until today it was great I like when you do challenges like that !! ✌🏼🎣

  58. ThrillerBassing LMB

    Karl and Scott colab 👀❓

    1. Scott Martin


  59. flyfishing channel


  60. Cristian Sandoval

    You have a lot of knowledge just like your dad thank you for sharing it!

  61. Sick Trickshots

    Who else is just binge watching Scott’s videos waiting for the weather to get warmer to go fishing again?

  62. Jason Mausteller

    Was that braid on the click bait

  63. Rogbass

    The perfect release. Lol. You need to watch that perfectly balanced bounced bass release in slo mo. Lol. Great tips on the jigging.

  64. Elray Banderas

    It's cool Hilary just sits back eatin her sammich lol man y'all are awesome!! Next we gotta see y'all do an MTB challenge against each other 😂

  65. Ditch Pickle Danglin

    Did you cut a hole for your gopro in a expensive ass aftco badass hoodie ? ? Lmao

    1. Ditch Pickle Danglin

      My hero lmao i dont want super powers, i just want the power to cut holes in expensive clothes on purpose!

    2. Scott Martin


  66. George Talley

    Great vid hey Scott are you planning to do a reveal video when you get your new boat and truck all decked out? I love those

  67. Travis Craver

    If you could take five rods to your first tournament and only use five lures. What would u take scott.

  68. Wade Simon

    That was fun ... you may turn this northwest salmon fisherman into a donk hunter.

    1. Jonathan Nedelisky

      Oregon or Washington?

  69. Edan C

    Hey Scott, just a quick question! Why did you choose to throw the swimbait on mono compared to fluoro? I would have never thought to throw a swimbait like that on mono. If anyone else knows why and can give some input that would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Scott Martin

      Mono floats and Florocarbon sinks on a glide bait and will start to pull your bait down halfway through the cast

  70. James Sosv

    Hey Bro. Bro, your doing it all wrong, when you lose one on an IKE jig you got to break your rod in two, kick the rest of them into the lake, lay down on the deck and scream like a crazy fool.

    1. Scott Martin


  71. HC Fishing

    “Dad it’s a giant”. Scott hold my beer

  72. Graham Gabriele

    Why don’t you have your garmin on the front of the boat

    1. Scott Martin

      No reason

  73. Cherokee Boggs

    Congratulations Scott Martin🙌👊👍😷

  74. Rowdy Broomstick

    14:15 I had one that looked just like a megabass 110 in a light blue that was made by livingston that supposedly made noises in like your saying.

  75. Rowdy Broomstick

    Those do anything rods like that are my favorite 😂 Pun intended 😁

  76. EliteGB

    Killed it!! Thought Hilary was gonna take a nap there for a sec. Wrecked em

  77. Cooper Hughes

    Good fisherman and good public speaker. But he doesn’t want anything to do with you in person

    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks for the comment!

    2. Tharanx

      Lies, met him in his hometown as I live pretty close to the legend and he is really good with tips he met my dad and helped us with the speed worms he’s good at his stuff in real life and in video, never fails to let me down ever

  78. Cooper Hughes

    Scott is a supreme TV actor! I have met him 3 times while not filming, guy is a douche 😂

    1. Eric The Red

      Saw Scott at their tiki bar in Clewiston while he was enjoying family time. Didn't want to fanboy him but made the mistake of telling my GF. She walked over and asked him if he could take a pic and he didn't hesitate and was very cordial. Perhaps YOU are the douche and he just knows how to judge character.

    2. Scott Martin

      You got that right...🤷🏻‍♂️

    3. jthorn88

      Maybe he just don't like your ass

  79. Evan Fagerty

    I left MTB for MonsterBass. Notice at the bag of the bruiser craws. SAMPLE pack!! MB gives you full packs of plastics

  80. Gavin Meadows

    I’m a super big fan my sad added u on Facebook

    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks Gavin