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  1. Bella Outdoors Adventures

    My top 2 biggest bass came out of Alabama waters. 7.8 pounds out of Guntersville lake, Guntersville Al. And there are at lake Neely Henry, there in Decatur Al.. I wish I still lived in Alabama just for the fishing opportunities. MR. Martin, you and you dad are my idols. I had the privilege of meeting you in Columbus ohio at the fishing expo. Thank you for your videos tips and advice. Yall are awesome!! Tight lines!!

  2. Pete Cook

    I enjoyed that at dinner table!! Just wished I was there w yall

  3. Tim Wheaton

    Man Scott you went from lemons to lemonade. I'm sure McCoy has gained some gray hair over it all. Hopefully he can chalk it up to a lesson learned the hard way. Best of luck fishing! Catch a heavy bag my friend!! 🙏🙏🙏

  4. joshua lee

    my high was excited for a scott martin upload my low was i was watching it while on the john... my high again was the everyone was kept in good spirits over the HD incident 😂😂😂

  5. Gator Flea

    SHO NUFF !

  6. Telemark Mann

    Scott, I am surprised your young techies don’t use an external hard drive to back up everything. When you come off the water I would download the raw data to your laptop and the hard drive. That way the most you would lose is the edited version , of course I would also back up the finished product. Laptop drives are notorious for being fragile and failing. Sounds like you had a hard crash, there is little chance of recovery. In the computer world redundancy of data is key to data safety. As someone in the comments mentioned external drives are low cost these days. What you lost was very expensive and could have easily been advoided.

  7. Jamey Franks

    See S-10's you know where I live!

  8. Ps fishing

    Dang I hate you lost it I was so excited to watch it, because neely Henry is my home lake. Maybe you can visit again. I hate that that happened.

  9. GrumpyRed

    Just got to back the files up I’d use a separate hard drive or I’d just use a flash drive

  10. Michael Dillard

    What happened to the camp site

  11. GrumpyRed

    Just got to back the files up I’d use a separate hard drive or I’d just use a flash drive

  12. Jeff Cleveland


  13. Stacy L

    Sounds like Brandon sabotage!! Ha!!

  14. Bruce Burdeshaw

    Great video, looks like you guys have a great time out on the road, and a cool life, fishing for a living. Where do I sign-up? Lol

  15. Jake Schisler

    Let me think......did Brandon ever had that issue? Not blaming McCoy

  16. Mike Watson

    lol, Brad! They really do give them mufflerless S-10's hell don't they :D

  17. Byron Brush

    always back up in multiple places

  18. Chris Adams

    If it's won it will be deep ,if it does happen to be won shallow it will be on the upper end,in the river. I fish Cherokee alot and it's tough. The lake has been hammered all summer. Guys need to be looking deep

  19. Adam Smith

    Hey Scott, sorry about your hard drive issues. I love the high low high. And don't worry. Nobody,s going anywhere just because you lost one vid. Stay positive brother.were all in your corner and more importantly so is God!

  20. DJ Combs

    Aye give it Haaallll lol hell yeah

  21. Mr Peabody

    Oh No. Not Billy's Fishing Frenzy..By The Way You Can Use That For Billy's KGup Page. Billy's Fishing Frenzy.. I'm Sure It'll Be Hilarious..😂😅😂👍

  22. Zander Hauck

    Lol tooth brushes in alphabetical order😂

  23. Joel Krawczyk

    Sure you lost everything. With that finish is anyone surprised? Just kidding.

  24. zachariah adams

    What knot do you suggest when tying on clickbait?

  25. Mark Cagle

    Hallman is hilarious!!! Great video!

  26. Coolnerd4220

    What’s your opinion of the chatterbait that googan baits is working on?

  27. George Shread III

    Keep your chin up McCoy!

  28. Wes G

    if its a mac you have time machine, if its windows you have file recovery...the hell are the not backing this stuff up in thie day and age? lol portable SSD is cheap, dump it to a Nas when your back in the office

  29. Racerxv6 Valvoline

    Scott, the harddrive was dropped correct? So that means the the heads that read the platen are missed aligned. Try sticking it in the fridge for about 15 minutes and see if it will spin. This works sometimes. Secondly, why aren't you guys using SSD's SSD's have no moving parts and thy are more durable..... First high, I woke up this morning my low I didn't get to fish because I have to work my high I get to go home and see my family...!!! Love the video

  30. Elijah Southern

    Man my family does high and low at every dinner too😂😂

  31. Reelbassin

    guess you've never been to Lake Mead Scott!

  32. Jason Sanders

    East Tennessee shit 😂😂😂

  33. Larry Stolzman

    I’ve dealt with personal computers since 1980 (CPA that couldn’t risk loosing data). You need to do the same thing you do when you launch your boat. Back Up, Back Up, Back Up. Sorry I know your pain from personal experience. Tomorrow will be better. Consider using a cloud based storage system like Drop Box or Box. These systems act like an external drive, are encrypted for security, and risk of loss is significantly reduced. The cost is reasonable as well. Hope this helps.

  34. Bob Davis

    Shut up Dad!! 😂😂

  35. BamaBassFinder04 4

    did you even see my comment on your last video telling you my grandparents had a five bedroom house with two carports with electricity on Neeley..I left it on three different videos and I emailed you and I messaged your Instagram you lost🤣🤣 jk. Y'all turned out ok

  36. Larry Stolzman

    Best travel blog ever! “The High, Low, High” footage was awesome. Good friends, good food and ultimately remembering simple blessings. How many of us have had the same or similar experiences or want that experience with our fishing buddies? Fishing is more than fishing! Sorry the hard drive crashed. Thankful you made this vlog. Stay safe, win this event (but you already have) God Bless!

  37. Parrot Bill

    They can always get all of the contents of the hard drive. I know of a church that burned down, burning up their computer. The computer company was able to put the inner disk into another hard drive, stick that in the new computer and got all of their info back. This sort of thing happens a lot, so there are a lot of folks who know how to fix it.

  38. Dan Sto

    Nooooooooo!!!!!!! Commenting before 👀.... we have the same kind of trucks lol farting noise and all

  39. MuahMan

    Sounds like you need a local IT guy in Clewiston. Someone like me who works for Big Sugar IT. Get a SAN and then you'll never lose footage again.

  40. Joshua B Fishing

    Team Billy with the crooked hat gang! YO!

  41. Lance Mabry

    Loved to see all the guys sitting at a table after I'm betting, since i fished Cherokee on Sunday and it was BRUTAL, a super shitty practice day, enjoying some grub and a beer.. Besides the Bass Angler Therapy, this was an awesome glimpse into what u guys do after you get off the water... Besides a Spook you better put a spinning rod in your hand Scott..

  42. Andrew Kessinger

    everyone makes mistakes. it happens. mccoy im sure did not mean to do it. he is a good kid it seems to be. he is away from home alot but also surrounded with great people. give the kid a break,be easy on him i know it sucks. god bless and good luck

  43. Martin Allison

    Cloud, external drive... heck, ANYTHING to back it up so you don't permanently lose everything. I live in southeast TN down near Chick, and I can verify what Hallman said! And, I'm a little disappointed the Honeymoon Suite has no bidet. 🤣😂 Give Cherokee hell Scott! 👊🏆

  44. Terry Wilson

    It could be much worse I had a huge tree fall on my boat this morning from the hurricane winds and my boat has fiberglass damage and the trailer is totaled

  45. GSV 2013

    Billy singing some PM Dawn is it my turn lol

  46. perfectator

    Well maybe you can show us your tournament reel arsenal, i know you are sponsor by lews, but still!

  47. Kyle Mattix

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 killin me dude

  48. Brisco T

    look around fellas... you're livin a HIGH. enjoy the trip and good luck out there. go win some sh!t!!

  49. TNBassinTV

    Good luck on Cherokee. If you can figure that lake out right now pat your self on the back. It’s fishing very tough lately! I might ride up sat and watch weigh in! 👍

  50. Alex Paige

    I'm confused what happend to the camper ?

  51. Terry Banner

    Gotta say the high for this video is Bradley screaming Give it hell!

  52. Cliff

    Mr. Martin. Go into your Google Dashboard. That saves alot of files. God Bless from Texas..

  53. Johnnie Large

    Poor McCoy hard drives breaking, drones crashing on mountain tops and rattlesnakes. The life of a videographer seems to be pretty tough. Good luck to the whole SMC team this week.

  54. Rusty Wells

    Hallman knows east Tennessee well!

  55. TonyB867

    Upload it to the cloud first before editing or anything, you’ll never have that problem again.

  56. Mike Chernisky

    Fire them all

  57. Lord UberStank

    Ohh for a suggestion... Always back up to a NAS or a portable hard drive. And never rely totally on pc hard drives including tablets and laptops. Get a 4 TB external drive from Wal-Mart to take with you. Every time y'all upload to a pc for editing also back it up.

    1. Lord UberStank

      @Scott Martin I can suggest to take drive out of enclosure and install it as a secondary drive into a PC and see if Windows can recover the drive long enough to copy all the data to your main drive. Sometimes being hardwired into the PC is better. That is if it's a full size portable and not a laptop size drive.

    2. Lord UberStank

      @Scott Martin ok my suggestion is to take it to a repair shop and see if they can recover the data. But please take my advise and use a highly rated and high quality repair shop. Not a PO-dunk ma and pa shop at some dudes house kind of shop.

    3. Scott Martin

      We run the 4tb External hard drives now and that's what went bad

  58. Phil O'neil

    Billy is a national treasure

    1. Scott Martin


  59. john

    It happens. Nowadays if you get more than a year or two out of anything consider yourself lucky. My laptop is almost 4 years old and my phone is 2 years old. I need to backup everything. Now. I will need almost a whole year to download all the music I have. My vids and pics are easier to recover but, the music is not.

  60. Lord UberStank

    Scott take the hard drive to a HIGH QUALITY pc repair shop and see if it can be recovered! See if it can be what's called ghosted to a new hard drive. If not there are hard drive recovery shops out there that can recover data from near anything, even burned drives. I own a pc repair shop in Alabama near Dothan. I will help you if you need it.

  61. Brett Reines

    Love content can't help technology sometimes hope gets fixed b safe

  62. Chris H

    Sorry about your trouble brother. When I was in management, i backed up my hard drive every day before i left work. That's my suggestion. Thank you for another great video from SMC, FAVORITE RODS, GOOGAN BAITS, YAMAHA and many more. 👊👊👊

  63. Mid Alabama Bassin TV

    Dude the one video I was looking forward to the most cause it was in Alabama nooo!!!😭

  64. Justtoprecious13

    Try Jon b. I rem he had that happen before a while back I think through his never stop tour or a big trip and I think him or his parents found someone to recover it. Maybe he can help 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Scott Martin

      Might have to do that!

  65. Rusty Wells

    I'm not sad about missing any of the Neely Henry stuff good riddance of that lake but the travel vlog and first day of practice would have been nice to see but that's life you win some and you lose some! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

  66. Kenneth Roth

    You need to go old school style tow your own boat to the lake

  67. Dj Willie D Wilcox

    Just give it helll 🤣🤣

  68. Lupe Martin

    My wife is a photographer. She had two weddings on a detached harddrive. Something went horribly wrong with it. We took it to best buy and we paid 2,000 for the attempted recovery. They were not able to do so. She lost all pictures to two weddings. I recommend loading into a cloud or a separate harddrive as a backup. Sucks but it happens.

    1. Scott Martin

      That must have been terrible!

  69. Paul Suzio

    Forget hard drives altogether and save everything to a cloud service. Or use the hard drive and still backup to a cloud. Won't ever lose anything using a cloud service.

  70. Matt Kluender

    What is it a swingers honeymoon suite???

  71. Zach Riffey

    I live in East Tennessee and I see them all the time

    1. Zach Riffey

      @Scott Martin we have no good fishing in East Tennessee it’s horrible and hard to Catch fish

    2. Scott Martin



    What a shame 😤

    1. Scott Martin


  73. Gary Eisenzimmer

    Scott you get everything back There is a company out there that we furbishes hard drive That have crashed my sons hard drive crashed it cost him 2k they got it all back took3 weeks the video had a 1/2 season of 4 states of dirt class racing for tracks he tapes for

  74. Ethan Corsbie

    So sorry to loose that much footage I know the feeling, I have lost many photos......

  75. Seth Justice

    What he said about th s10 is so true

    1. Scott Martin


  76. jonathan bennett

    But did any one die?

  77. Ronnie Worthy

    My Hart goes out to you brother

  78. Joseph Abel


  79. Bob Davis

    Always backup. You edit. Save to a plug and play hard drive. Their cheap nowadays


    I’m going need you to pump out more content lol! B-lat says he’s not gonna be posting as much! Much love and tight lines boss! Hate the footage was loss smh 🤦‍♂️